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What is Chicken Bonds?

What is LUSD Chicken Bonds?

Why did we build LUSD Chicken Bonds?

What’s in it for users?

Basic Usage

What do I need in order to use LUSD CB?

How do I use LUSD Chicken Bonds?

What actions can I take?

How do I create a Bond?

What is a Chicken Out?

What is a Chicken In?

Can I transfer or sell my bond?

Can I own more than one bond?

What is “rebonding”?

How is my principal protected in CB?

What is bLUSD (boosted LUSD)?

Where can I buy or sell bLUSD?

How does the protocol limit the downside risk of holding bLUSD?

How does the protocol create enhanced yield?

How can I use LUSD CB to achieve enhanced yield?

What is redemption?

How can I redeem bLUSD?

What are the risks associated with LUSD Chicken Bonds?

Have the Chicken Bonds smart contracts been audited?

Dynamic NFTs & Artwork

How will the Dynamic NFTs work?

What kind of NFTs can be obtained?

How are the NFT artwork traits determined?

Who created the NFT artwork?

Will the artwork be hosted on-chain?

Economic Design

What determines how much bLUSD I receive when I Chicken In?

What is my bLUSD “cap”?

What is the economic rationale behind the cap?

How will the market value bLUSD?

What is a fair market price for bLUSD?

What is the “redemption price” and how is it calculated?

How will the redemption price behave over time?

Do all bonds accrue bLUSD at the same rate?

Can my bond’s accrued bLUSD ever go down?

Can the system ever become unbacked or insolvent?

How will the system incentivize bLUSD liquidity on the open market?

What are the gas costs for users' actions?

Is LUSD Chicken Bonds a “zero-sum” game?

How is the bLUSD APR calculated?

How is the Fair Price calculated?

Why does the bonding time increase / decrease?

How does the built-in Controller work to keep the optimal rebonding time at 30 days?

How does the controller logic / math work?

What is the difference between Chicken Bonds and Olympus?

Technical Design

Are Chicken Bonds tokens fungible?

What are the underlying sources of yield in LUSD Chicken Bonds?

What is the process for harvesting yield?

What are the different system Buckets?

How do the buckets relate to the yield sources in which the system deposits LUSD?

Where does my bonded LUSD go when I create a bond?

Where does my bonded LUSD go when I Chicken In?

Can I *always* Chicken Out and reclaim my bonded funds?

Will Liquity AG host a Chicken Bonds front end?

Can the system be upgraded or changed?

Who has control over the Chicken Bonds funds?

Potential future system migration

What is the wind-down functionality?

Does Yearn control any Chicken Bonds funds?

LUSD Peg Stability

How does the LUSD Chicken Bonds system improve the LUSD peg stability?

What are the conditions for shifting LUSD between the Stability Pool and Curve?

Who can shift system funds between the Stability Pool and Curve?

What are the incentives for shifting LUSD to or from Curve?

How to check the amount that can be shifted?

How can you execute the Shifter functions?

How can you find out if and when a Shifter function was triggered?


What is the relationship between Liquity and Chicken Bonds?

Will Liquity’s LQTY token accrue value from Chicken Bonds?

What is the process for creating an LUSD Bond from your Gnosis Safe?

What are the smart contract addresses of Chicken Bonds?

Technical Resources

Technical Papers

Security Audits

Contract Addresses

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